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G-BAGJ North East Aircraft Museum www.neam.org.uk Crashed March 1984. On rebuild for static display. In the background is G-ARHX DH Dove and a dismantled Chipmunk (mehr von G-BAGJ)
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A-522 North East Aircraft Museum www.neam.org.uk Captured from the Falklands in 1982 (mehr von A-522)
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G-BEEX c/n 6458. Bought by Dan Air from Egyptair in 1976. Broken up at Lasham and the nose section now displayed at the North East Aircraft Museum (mehr von G-BEEX)
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G-OGIL ff in 1982. Damaged in a taxying incident in 1992 before being displayed at the North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland (mehr von G-OGIL)
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G-AZLP Originally with the IFTC at Teesside airport but has now moved to the NEAM for temporary storage (mehr von G-AZLP)