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N873SJ together with N802DH (DC-8 of DHL) (mehr von N873SJ)
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N873SJ , ex DHL, Emery, Southern, Challenge, Minerve, UPS, TIA, Transamerica (mehr von N873SJ)
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N873SJ The contract with DHL/Post is cancled and now the complete DC8 fleet is stored in Kingman. (mehr von N873SJ)


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N873SJ rare to see even in the USA are these Astar Air Cargo DC-8s in full c/s. Back in the summer of 2009 Astar Air Cargo operated 5 weekly services on behalf of DHL between Atlanta and Orlando in the morning - but mostly in yellow DHL c/s (mehr von N873SJ)
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N873SJ Astar onfinals aproach on runway 8 operating fligth DHL845 (mehr von N873SJ)
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N873SJ The first picture of Astar Air Cargo in SJU nice colors of this DHL Cargo Member this is the unique Dc-8 with this colors . very great surprise for me. (mehr von N873SJ)
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N873SJ ASTAR cargo flying as DHL 1729 on an early evening approach to 26L (mehr von N873SJ)