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G-APSA Air Atlantique's DC-6 banks away showing off its new KLM livery, which has been applied for film work. (mehr von G-APSA)
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EW-241TH climbs out after takeoff. (mehr von EW-241TH)
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RA-76788 Ilyushin-76es truly are the angels of the skies: wherever disaster strikes, they show up to bring relief supplies. Seen here on its way to the runway after picking up goods for the tsunami victims in Asia. (mehr von RA-76788)
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OO-VES Virgin Express urges its customers to donate money to the tsunami victims with these extra titles. (mehr von OO-VES)
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4K-AZ10 The Azeri president and delegation leave Brussels after a state visit. (mehr von 4K-AZ10)
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SU-BFE (1125) After years of hunting I was happy to see this Buffalo taking off for the return leg of its navigational journey. (mehr von SU-BFE)
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HB-JRC An ambulance flight arriving just before sunset. Note Brussels landmark, the atom shaped Atomium in the lower left corner. (mehr von HB-JRC)
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G-AMSV 2 DC-3s banking away, G-AMRA in the background. (mehr von G-AMSV)