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XA-HOX Tenamaxtli was a leader of the Caxcan Indians in Mexico during the Mixton War of 1540ľ1542. He was later put on trial in Spain. With the support of Bartolome de las Casas he defended the justice of his cause by appealing to King Carlos I. (mehr von XA-HOX)
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XA-RKA Tecuala is both a municipality and a town in the Mexican state of Nayarit. "Tecuala" is the Castilian form of the Tecuallan word, which means "place of many wild animals". (mehr von XA-RKA)
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XA-SGE Huitzilihuitl meaning ôhummingbird featherö was the second supreme ruler of Tenochtitlan. He was, a good politician, continued the policies of his father, seeking alliances with his neighbors. During his reign, the weaving industry grew. It provided cotton cloth. The Mexicas no longer had to dress in coarse fibers, but were able to change to soft dyed cotton. (mehr von XA-SGE)
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N441LF Sometimes also known as Mexico - Tenochtitlan, was a city state located on an island in lake Texcoco, in the Valley of Mexico. Founded in 1325, it became the capital of the expanding Aztec empire in the 15th century, until captured by the Spanish in 1521. At its peak, it was the largest city in the Pre-Columbian New World. (mehr von N441LF)
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XA-SHI Nezahualcoyotl meaning "Coyote who Fasts" was a philosopher, warrior, architect, poet and ruler of the city-state of Texcoco in pre-Columbian Mexico. (mehr von XA-SHI)
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XA-MEE Temoaya a town located 11 miles fromToluca . It is known for its large ethnic Otomi population, the Centro Ceremonial OtomÝ and its tradition of making Persian style rugs using Mexican designs. This is what we can see in this tail design. (mehr von XA-MEE)
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N225RX Atlixcayotl is the name of a cultural festival that is realized in the hill of San Miguel, in the municipality of Atlixco ( Puebla ) the last week of September. The name Atlixcayotl around the celebration of San Miguel Arcßngel is of origin Nahuatl and means great Atlixquense tradition . (mehr von N225RX)
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N907WA Ixtlan del Rio is the full name of an archaeological site located on the south west region of the Nayarit State. The presence of prehispanic vestiges in the form of Petroglyphs are registered in five areas, which depict sgraffiti lines and representations of abstract figures, such as spirals with rays. (mehr von N907WA)
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N238RX Teollocan means "Road of the Gods", nowadays is a 6 miles highway to enter the city of Toluca. (mehr von N238RX)
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XA-RZU Tlapa de Comonfort is the full name of a small town in the state of Guerrero. (mehr von XA-RZU)
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XA-SHH Axayacatl the name means "Water-mask" or "Water-face" was the sixth Aztec Emperor. Axayacatl invaded his neighbor, killed its ruler, and replaced him with a military governor. It is also important that the Great SunStone also known as the Aztec Calendar, was carved under his leadership. (mehr von XA-SHH)
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XA-MXB The design chosen for this aircraft belongs to a carved stela in the ruins of Azcapotzalco. During the 13th century the Teponecas tribe turned it into their capital. The design represents the God Quetzalcoatl "The feathered serpent" (mehr von XA-MXB)
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N129NA Epazoyucan is a small town in the state of Hidalgo. The tail design was taken from the frescoes of the convent, the most impressive are the ones in the convent's lower choir stall. (mehr von N129NA)
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N1279E Olinala a small village in Guerrero has preserved the art of lacquered by decorating wooden objects with popular drawings like rabbits, frets or flowers. This is what we can see in this tail design. N1279E was the first aircraft taken to the paint shop for the new image of Mexicana (mehr von N1279E)
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XA-MED Lining up for what was back then Rwy 27R. After the new north runway was opened in 2003 it was re-named 26L (mehr von XA-MED)
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XA-MEC Nayarit is a State of Mexico. It is precisely here where the Huicholes live. One of the most famous textiles of Nayarit are made by this ethnic group. A colourful embroidery is represented on the tail fin . XA-MEC made its first flight with this livery on January 27, 1991 (mehr von XA-MEC)
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N1003W Ixcamilpa de Guerrero is the full name of a town in the state of Puebla. (mehr von N1003W)
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XA-SHG Chimalpopoca was King of the Aztecs between 1414-1428. He succeeded Huitzilihuitl. His name means "Smoking shield" (mehr von XA-SHG)
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XA-MED Saltillo capital of the state of Coahuila is where Mexico's finest sarapes have been made since the 18th century, that is what the design represents. It is a necessary part of Charro clothing (mehr von XA-MED)
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N552NA This design is based on the Talavera ceramics of the State of Puebla. In the beginning Talavera art followed Gothic, Moorish, Italian and Flemish motifs, later typically Mexican designs were adopted (mehr von N552NA)