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XA-TCG Acamapichtli meaning "Handful of reeds" was the first ruler, of the Aztecs of Tenochtitlan and founder of the Aztec imperial dynasty. He became ruler in 1375 and reigned for 19 years. (mehr von XA-TCG)
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F-WWDH c/n 3374. > XA-MXL. (mehr von F-WWDH)
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XA-MEF Painted with these red stripes which is the design of the Guadalajara Chivas soccer jersey and the teamĺs crest below the cockpit windows (mehr von XA-MEF)
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XA-MXB After returning from Aeroperu XA-MXB was never painted in full Mexicana colours, instead it remained with a navy blue tail fin. (mehr von XA-MXB)
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XA-MXE Tehuayo, northern province from where the peoples of Anahuac purportedly came from (mehr von XA-MXE)
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XA-SGS Ahuitzotl (meaning roughly "water dog") was the eighth Aztec ruler. He was responsible for much of the expansion of the Mexica domain, and consolidated the empire's power after emulating his predecessor. He took power after the death of his predecessor and brother, Tizoc. His sons were kings Chimalpilli II and Cuauhtemoc and he also had one daughter. (mehr von XA-SGS)
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XA-RYS Tecpantla was the main city of the Coqui province located in the southeast of the ancient Mexican empire. Nowadays is a city in the State of Guerrero with 21,451 inhabitants. (mehr von XA-RYS)
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XA-MEJ Yacatecutli was the God of commerce and merchants, and patron of the shifty Pochtecas clan of long distance travelling salesmen (mehr von XA-MEJ)
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N247RX Aztlan means "Land of cranes". Mythological northamerican land from where according to the tradition, the Aztecs came. (mehr von N247RX)
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XA-RYQ Teotitlan del Valle is a town in the State of Oaxaca, its name means in Nahuatl "Among the houses of the Gods". The main interest of this town is the making of sarapes, rugs and tapestry out of wool. (mehr von XA-RYQ)
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XA-MEF Tula the ancient capital city of the Toltecs. It was a precinct containing pyramids, ball courts, and vast colonnaded halls. Distinctive Toltec features here include terraced pyramids colonnaded buildings, and relief sculptures such as Atlantean figures. Human figures known as ôatlantesö served as main pillars in the temple that stood atop the main pyramid. (mehr von XA-MEF)
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XA-MEL Like Epazoyucan, Meztitlan (also in Hidalgo State) keeps the rest of an Augustinian convent of the XVI century. Most of the designs of this religious order were based on European engravings, all this influence can be seen in the frescoes that decorates the conventĺs ceiling. (mehr von XA-MEL)
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XA-MEZ The Huichol or Wixaritari are a Native American ethnic group of western central Mexico, living in the Sierra Madre Occidental range in the Mexican state of Nayarit. (mehr von XA-MEZ)