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F-WWBE s/n 3123, Next reg N213MX, last brand new A320 for MXA was s/n 433, 13 Years ago (mehr von F-WWBE)
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XA-UDU (cn 2248) In the cruise on the last day of 2006 and heading to Mexico City as Mexicana 593. Only seconds after this shot I was asked not to make any more cabin photo's. (mehr von XA-UDU)
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XA-CPQ c/n 533. ex N533GA. Night stopping on a round New Zealand tour. Nice to see so far from home, thanks to the crew for the Burgerkings! (mehr von XA-CPQ)
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XA-UDU (cn 2248) Mexicana 593 turning onto the ILS for runway 05R with downtown Mexico City to our left covered in a layer of smog. (mehr von XA-UDU)
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XA-UDU (cn 2248) Mexicana 593 flying slowly over downtown Mexico City on a sort of downwind for 05R. And what a sight. It's a big city! (mehr von XA-UDU)
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XA-MXA...This registration previously carried on a B-727 (mehr von XA-MXA)
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F-OHME Passing through "new" taxiway Bravo. IAE V2500 engines its brother right its back (mehr von F-OHME)
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XA-UDT Passing through "new" taxiway Bravo, partial scheme (no longer with white tail !), ex-IBE. (mehr von XA-UDT)
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F-OHMF Mexicana first time in SJU with the new colors scheme , Dedicated to all Spotters of Aeroparque in SJU (mehr von F-OHMF)
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XA-UBT Staring rotation by 10 RWY, departing one of the most beautiful mexican paradises, located about 430kms south of capital Mexico City. NikonD50 (mehr von XA-UBT)
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