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N191US USA Jet DC9-15 N191US in the new color scheme rests on the ramp at BWI. (mehr von N191US)
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N915CK Taken out of Lufthansa A380 D-AIMC while taxiing to the active runway 27. Have a look for the guy which is taking a picture of us aircraft. (mehr von N915CK)
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ZS-MNT First picture in db. ex N305PA of Pharmair Corp. (mehr von ZS-MNT)
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I-TIGI The permanent installation by Christian Boltanski at the Museum in Memory of Ustica in Bologna around the remains of the DC9 shot down June 27, 1980. The flight was Bologna - Palermo by Itavia (mehr von I-TIGI)
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N784TW Seen here on a very rare visit to MIA about get loaded and good to go! (mehr von N784TW)
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N563PC I dont know what he is doing at SJO, but reminds me of the old Intercontinental DC9s back in the 90s. (mehr von N563PC)
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N195US Very rare to have a DC-9-15 still around... Notice open cockpit window. (mehr von N195US)
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N195US Short -15 Series thundering down rwy 8 for a noisy early morning departure to Punta Cana (PUJ) (mehr von N195US)
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N195US Usa Jet arring from Punta Cana in 7000 feet runway touch down in 4000 feet of runway 30 of Ponce the full brake in this shot note the left gear smoking power full reverse trusth. (mehr von N195US)