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D-ADSO Another hybrid Lufthansa colourscheme worn by this DC-10, leased in ┤88/┤89 from subsidiary Condor. Seen here on a Condor flight at Son San Juan airport. ┤Sierra Oscar┤ was sold to Omni Air Int`l in 2000 as N720AX. (mehr von D-ADSO)
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N612AX First pic in 10 Tanker Air Carrier c/s. "NSW Rural Fire Service" (mehr von N612AX)
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HB-IHC "Obwalden", the former ┤Luzern`in new colours at Lohausen, an upgrade of the normal DC-9-51 service. (mehr von HB-IHC)
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HB-IHC Tail section of "Luzern" showing the typical no.3 engine installation/cowling of the General Electric CF-6-50, fitted to all DC-10-10 and -30 series. (mehr von HB-IHC)
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HB-IHC "Luzern" in old Swissair colours seconds before reaching her parking position at Cointrin AP. ┤Hotel-Charly` was delivered new to SR on September, 10th in 1973 and was sold to Northwest Airlines eighteen years later as N220NW. (mehr von HB-IHC)
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HB-IHH "Basel-Stadt" taxies to its parking position on a cold winter morning. To the right one of her thirteen sisters is visible already in the new colours. (mehr von HB-IHH)
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D-ADAO ┤ DŘsseldorf `, the first DC-10 of Lufthansa, taxies to runway 06 ( today 05R ) on her way to JFK as LH408 . With the delivery of the new ┤ DŘsseldorf ` D-ABZA, a B.747-200Combi on June, 28th 1985, her name changed to ┤ Leverkusen `. In October 2005 she visited Lohausen again, by this time in service with Gemini Air Cargo as ┤ Bill `, registered N601GC. (mehr von D-ADAO)
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D-ADHO Former " Hannover " leaves her gate for another flight to Toronto, wearing the ┤new` colourscheme only for a short time in her Lufthansa career. All DC-10s of Lufthansa had been retired by October 1994. In the background D-ABYJ is prepared for the next flight to Tokio and Osaka via Anchorage. (mehr von D-ADHO)
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C-GKFD Ready for psuhback for flight to Toronto of this over 40 yeras old DC-10- (mehr von C-GKFD)
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C-GKFD One of the last original DC-10F in service.Sorry for blocked frontwheel. No other position possible. (mehr von C-GKFD)
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C-GKFT Landing Rwy 05 17:46hrs. Looks like someone forgot to close some service doors. 40 years old and still flying... (mehr von C-GKFT)
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HS-TGC "Sriwanna" was leased only for ten months in 1976/77 from KLM. This aircraft was also seen as PH-DTL in full colours of its owner KLM,Garuda, VIASA and at least African Safari AW. From 2002 Africa One was the last owner, but only few work was done by this operator and from the beginning of 2004, this aircraft was stored at Kemble and broken up in the spring time that year. (mehr von HS-TGC)