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N1003L One of the several types of aircraft operated by Aeroperu in the Mexico city Ė Lima route (mehr von N1003L)
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N1003W Ixcamilpa de Guerrero is the full name of a town in the state of Puebla. (mehr von N1003W)
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N1003W After returning from Aeroperu this DC10 operated in a navy blue tail fin colour scheme (mehr von N1003W)
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N153SY Just arrived at the home base from Las Vegas. Ex Aeromexico aircraft, retired in April of 2001 and scrapped at VCV (mehr von N153SY)
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N151SY Delivered to Mexicana as XA-MEX and taken up by Sun Country 1.95 (mehr von N151SY)
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N154SY Del. to Mexicana as N10045 "Maya" , this ex Sun Country DC-10 is one of only seven series 15's produced. A lot of stored ex Delta Tristars and 727s in the background. (mehr von N154SY)
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V2-SKY Sitting at thte northern ramp with the other DC-10's. Note the back part is open, APU i guess. (Olympus C-750) (mehr von V2-SKY)