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VT-SJD Seen here in her new livery, being towed passed C1. This is ex- Easy Jet G-OHAJ (mehr von VT-SJD)
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9L-LFI Seen here at Southend in ex-Ryanair colour scheme, arrived from Prestwick storage. It is supposed to go to the far East for maintenance before returning to its new operator in Sierra Leone. (mehr von 9L-LFI)
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PZ865 Seen here after completing her display on the first day, sadly due to mechanical problems she was unable to fly in the second days BBMF display. (mehr von PZ865)
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XZ727 Royal Navy Display Lynx, seen here being towed, she was in a practise display when an oil fault occurred causing her to make an emergency landing on R24 (mehr von XZ727)
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XX219 Seen here arriving at Southend Airport after completing her practice run along the seafront (mehr von XX219)
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01630 Seen here arriving at Southend Airport, prior to taking part in Southends airshow
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01630 Seen here arriving at Southend Airport, prior to taking part in Southends airshow
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ZD575 Seen here after departing 24, heading Southwest (mehr von ZD575)
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G-RVRE Seen here after arriving at Southend (mehr von G-RVRE)
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G-IGOB Seen here leaving Southend via 06 after her new paint job (mehr von G-IGOB)
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ZH882 Seen here at holding point Charlie 1, awaiting departure clearance via 06. (mehr von ZH882)
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G-SSWP Seen here having a piggy back to her final resting place (mehr von G-SSWP)
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D-ADID Seen here being moved at Southend Airport minus her starboard engine (mehr von D-ADID)
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G-SSWP Seen here still at Southend in a mess, missing her engines. (mehr von G-SSWP)
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G-FIRE Re-registered as G-FIRE from 5N-HHH, but is probably never going to fly again as it is only now used as a security & fire training aricraft (mehr von G-FIRE)
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G-YAMS Seen here departing Southend Airport displaying her british reg: G-YAMS as previously named LY-AMS (mehr von G-YAMS)
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TF-FIE Seen here after completion of engine trials. Still displaying her former owners reg: Icelandair Cargo, but on her nosewheel she displays here future reg: B-2605. (mehr von TF-FIE)
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G-ORED Seen here departing Southend Airport. (mehr von G-ORED)