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D-EFMZ Final approach at Neumarkt. Arriving from Schwabach for towing a glider back. (mehr von D-EFMZ)
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D-EWJW Nice and friendly crew. Arriving from Bielefeld for some touch and goes this day. (mehr von D-EWJW)
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D-IMAG After take off on late afternoon from Eisenach-Kindel we were climbing to FL160 for our destination EDMQ. Seen here turning left because we got the clearance from Munich ATC to fly direct to the vor DKB. Passing FL110 for 160 while climbing. (mehr von D-IMAG)
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D-CVVV Passing below us on the way from Augsburg to London-Heathrow. (mehr von D-CVVV)
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D-CVVV Cleared for take off runway 25 at Augsburg airport for London-Heathrow with Augusta Air C560xls. (mehr von D-CVVV)
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G-VMEG 3 times Virgin Atlantic and one Cathay Pacific A340 at Heathrow Airport. (mehr von G-VMEG)
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G-BZGK (99+32) Spangdahlem open day's 2011. (mehr von G-BZGK)
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A7-AEO Special "tour le france" stickers. Departing munich airport in the afternoon. Transported some tour riders from grenoble to paris orly just some days ago. (mehr von A7-AEO)
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HB-IKS Never expected to see this big bird at small Locarno airport. Was the first time beeing there at Magadino airport, nice surprise. (mehr von HB-IKS)
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D-ETTP c/n 172S10872. ex N52244. On the way from Augsburg to Locarno, Switzerland airport while flying at an altitude of 7500ft for the approach of Locarno afterwards. Amazing view down the mountain area. Garmin 1000 equipped Cessna 172SP is doing her job very well, take a look at the MFD with all the mountains around us. (mehr von D-ETTP)
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D-EECQ c/n F17201280. Skywings private Cessna 172 and I-9007 AeroAndina MXP-850 Tumaco resting at the apron of Boscomantico airport. (mehr von D-EECQ)
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D-ETTP c/n 172S10872. ex N52244. After take off from Albenga (LIMG/ALL) with D-ETTP Cessna 172SP equipped with Garmin 1000 glascockpit heading to next waypoint savonna on our way back to Verona-Boscomantico, Italy airport. Enjoy this wide view from the port of Imperia, city and the beach. (mehr von D-ETTP)
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London-city airport as seen on ILS approach runway 27R for London Heathrow airport (EGLL) with D-CVVV Cessna 560 Citation XLS from Augusta Air inbound Augsburg (EDMA) airport. Watch the whole flight here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qW42CG5jyM&feature=channel_video_title (mehr von London-cit)
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D-ETTP c/n 172S10872. ex N52244. Brand new plane! Equipped with finest G1000 avionics suite. (mehr von D-ETTP)
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D-ETDW Based at jesenwang, germany airport. Cheers to the pilots.New for pp.net (mehr von D-ETDW)
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N913KS c/n 29-0423. Turning in for downwind runway 27 at Donauw�rth-Genderkingen airport with this Mooney M20R equipped with finest Garmin 1000 avionics. (mehr von N913KS)