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D-CTTT Enroute from Augsburg to Innsbruck. Cruising at 10.000 ft before the descent into the valley. Never seen this amazing view with the mountains looking through the clouds. Just some words: Flying is amazing and always will be. (mehr von D-CTTT)
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OK-VTK c/n FL-322. ex OK-LFD (Let's Fly). Brand new registration! Delivery was on 25 december 2011. Early take off on runway 25. (mehr von OK-VTK)
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D-IUDE c/n LJ-1323. Now with new engine types from Pratt and Whitney PT6A-135A. Note the open engine cowlings. (mehr von D-IUDE)
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N181BD c/n P-563. 1/60s for the prop cirlce. (mehr von N181BD)
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N112G c/n 37. Built in 2000. Stunning! What a rare view at small Bad Saulgau airfield. Never seen this helicopter before. Is being pushed into the hangar after some engine tests on the ground. Equipped with a Rotax engine. (mehr von N112G)
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D-MRUN Nightshooting with the Remos G3, the first pictures for 2012. (mehr von D-MRUN)
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OK-LFD c/n FL-322. Took off later from Augsburg airport on runway 07. (mehr von OK-LFD)
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D-EGNG c/n 12825. Nice evening light at Donauwoerth. (mehr von D-EGNG)
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D-GAHM New company from Austria based at Augsburg airport. Arriving every evening for refueling. This tecnam is brand new and has just a few hours. Note the flashing white beacon and the prop blur taken with 1/40s. (mehr von D-GAHM)
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D-IBBP c/n LJ-1716. ex N61716. Engine tests on the 6th of september. Shot taken with 1/50s for full prop blur. (mehr von D-IBBP)
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D-EOIC c/n 2843049. ex N9272N. Flight from Zell am See to Augsburg in Piper Archer III. Seen here while having a great sight on the German mountains. (mehr von D-EOIC)
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After take off from Zell am See with Piper Archer III (D-EOIC) flying back to Augsburg airport.
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D-MRUN Remos G3 is passing low over the Corvette Z06 which is shining bright with the front lights on the illuminated runway by the sunset light. (mehr von D-MRUN)
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N913KS c/n 29-0423. Hard banking over the Bavarian Alps in the Mooney M20R Ovation 2 equipped with Garmin 1000 glascockpit. (mehr von N913KS)
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F-PUZL Rare bird, only 1 in Germany and 4 in Europe! (mehr von F-PUZL)
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Tower of Mengen airport seen on a Wednesday afternoon.
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D-MOLG Plane crash on 5th may 2013 at Bad Saulgau airfield. Pilot was seriously injured. Yesterday a 62 year old pilot was seriously injured in a plane accident with the d-molg flight design ct. After take off the plane flew to left, got some height and then crashed. The pilot is the owner of the plane which is based at Bad Saulgau airfield. After the crash the pilot was flown to the hospital in Ravensburg city. The airfield had to be closed for some hours. (mehr von D-MOLG)
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D-MGOL Amazing evening light. (mehr von D-MGOL)
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D-FINA Arriving in the last light of the day with this beautiful scenery. (mehr von D-FINA)
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D-6126 Air to air shooting out of the Husky A-1 while the sun is showing a dramatic sunset. (mehr von D-6126)
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D-EFMZ Low pass with a glider in the background. Full prop blur while the Husky was just some metres away from me. (mehr von D-EFMZ)
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D-EFMZ After take off from Neumarkt flying to Schwabach with a glider behind us. (mehr von D-EFMZ)