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Proline 21 cockpit on the way from Augsburg to Stuttgart.
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Passing Landsberg on the way from Hohenems to Augsburg in C172 Skyhawk while the sun is setting.
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Final 27 after an air to air shooting over the donau-ries.
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Leaving in an easyjet a319 for Munich with overview of Gatwick.
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N400AJ The 400XT is a remanufactured Beechjet 400A/Hawker 400XP that features a new Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 flight deck, new Williams FJ44-3AP engines and multiple aerodynamic enhancements. The resulting aircraft exhibits a range of 2005nm (4 pax, NBAA IFR reserves) with a remarkable 32% reduction in operating costs. (mehr von N400AJ)
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OK-ESC First n400xt to whole europe! Based at prague, czech republic. Changes are the pro line 21 flight deck and williams fj44-3ap engines, and improved aerodynamics. (mehr von OK-ESC)
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EI-DYX Evening light after arrival from Palma de Mallorca. Many thanks to the crew for taking a seat. After my 3 weeks holiday at Palma. (mehr von EI-DYX)
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Passing Jesenwang on the way from Verona to Augsburg in D-ETTP C172 Skyhawk.
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Passing Novi Ligure a 1050m grass strip on the way from Albenga to Verona in the D-ETTP C172 Skyhawk. Not one picture of this airfield so far in the web!
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Passing Francavilla Bisio airport on the way from Locarno to Albenga in d-ettp c172sp skyhawk. Quite a rare view as this airfield is seen with no pictures in the whole web.
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D-EWFU First picture to the whole web. No information and not one picture of this beech 23. (mehr von D-EWFU)
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Final approach at Eisenach-Kindel. Arriving in king air c90gt from Donauwrth-Genderkingen.
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Dramatic sunset on the way from augsburg to stuttgart.
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D-EMRB Flying along the mountain "wilder kaiser" on the way back from Zel am See to Landshut. (mehr von D-EMRB)
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D-EMRB Flying is and always will be amazing (mehr von D-EMRB)
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OK-PMC PC-12 at Zell am See. What an amazing view! (mehr von OK-PMC)
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D-EEBT c/n CE-1479. ex N44LR. Beautiful F33 is taxiing to the hanger in evening light. New to the database. (mehr von D-EEBT)
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D-EMEO This is the first registered siai sf260wl in germany! Only 300 total hours since built in 1979. Arriving today at donauwoerth airport for some training flights. Plane is now based at augsburg airport. Note that this a ex gaddafi plane. The painting is from burundi air force. (mehr von D-EMEO)
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D-CTTT Approach to innsbruck with a nice wing view. (mehr von D-CTTT)
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D-CDLH What a fascinating view! The ju-52 at augsburg airport. Flying some passenger flights out of edma this day. Note both cars from augsburg airport on the left and right. (mehr von D-CDLH)
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D-EIRK Resting next to the beechcraft augsburg maintenance center. (mehr von D-EIRK)
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Different overview of Zell am See as we join downwind for landing on runway 26 in the piper tomahawk.
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Beautiful Zell am See airport located between the big mountains.