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Overview of Merrill Field, about 800 small aircrafts are based here. Located in the middle of Downtown Anchorage and about 5NM Northeast of Ted Stevens International Airport !
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Final RWY 07 at Merrill Field Downtown Achorage !
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N1561N c/n 23093. Built in 1947. This is inside the school pilots building (mehr von N1561N)
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N188VE / Taxiing to RWY to take off for first time by his self, he is my friend he go to the college for professional pilot to fly with B777-200/ER (mehr von N188VE)
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N63541/ Student on a solo flight on short final to RWY 6. (mehr von N63541)
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N757GQ / Student makes final approach to RWY 6 after a training flight. (mehr von N757GQ)
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N63541 / Student on a solo flight descends down to RWY 6, and this guy really greased most of his landings. (mehr von N63541)
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N927AP / Student makes approach to RWY 6. (mehr von N927AP)


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This is the new Merill Field TWR, and that brown builing is my flight school I train at, and where I received my Private PIlots Liscense.