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EI-CXV the second 737 of Mongolian Airlines to wear the BVB colours after JU-1015 has been painted back into the normal livery! (mehr von EI-CXV)
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JU-1015 in the background the French Air Force Falcon which brought President Macron to his speech in the Bundestag (mehr von JU-1015)
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JU-1021 One of FRA's rarest airlines is back, flying Ulaanbaatar-Frankfurt only twice weekly for three months from June to September. This year, "Chinggis Khaan" carries additional "Save the Gobi bear" stickers. (mehr von JU-1021)
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JU-1087 first picture of a Miat B737-700. Final approach rwy 01 (mehr von JU-1087)