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Email Autor Korrektur ID #1605312 / 19 Aufrufe
D-ACRQ c/n 7629. Built in 2002 and delivered to Air Dolomiti as I-ADJE (mehr von D-ACRQ)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #1601305 / 21 Aufrufe
D-AEWP Arriving on Rw 16 from Frankfurt. Retired in 2009, but exported to Iran via Ukraine and still active with Mahan Air as EP-MOM. (mehr von D-AEWP)
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D-AEWL Breaking on Rwy 16 at the time, arriving from Frankfurt on a Lufthansa flight. Damaged beyond repair in its later life with Starbow in Ghana. (mehr von D-AEWL)
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D-ACSC c/n 10039. Built in 2002 and delivered to Maersk Air as G-MRSI. Ex Atlas Jet as TC-OGN (mehr von D-ACSC)