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D-ADAM crossing the perimeter road connecting the cargo area and the former LTU-hangar on her way to the exhibition park. (mehr von D-ADAM)
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D-ADAM Former F-BHML photographed during one of the"photo and film safaris" in summer 1978, wearing the fake registration ´D-ADAM´ and ´Air Classic` titles, but showing still the logo of Compagnie Air Fret. D-ADAM was parked on the main apron until it was transferred to the exhibition area in summer 1979. (mehr von D-ADAM)
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F-BHML The last commercial flown Super Costellation in Europe arrived two days before on a ferry flight with only three operational engines from Nimes. F-BHML was the first part of the "Air Classic" exhibition, which was located opposite the old cargo terminal and next to the airplane fuel yard at Lohausen. (mehr von F-BHML)
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D-ALIN In 1955 the German chancelor Konrad Adenauer used this bird on his flight to Moscow to free the last German Prisoners of War. (mehr von D-ALIN)
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F-BGNJ Actually preserved close to Météo-France at Fremiou. ( 47° 8'56.94"N, 1°36'25.35"O). (mehr von F-BGNJ)
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F-BHBG used as an eyecatcher for the Discothèque Le Moulin near Quimper - definetely worked with me.. (mehr von F-BHBG)
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CS-TLA To bad it was only the cockpit section that was preserved! [1200 px] (mehr von CS-TLA)
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CS-TLA Beutiful preserved in Sintra [1200 px] (mehr von CS-TLA)
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