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ZP-CCH This former Air Canada aircraft operated about 10 years for LAP and was a frequently visitor to FRA in the early 1990s. (mehr von ZP-CCH)
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N8072U A short lease by LAP, from June 1991 to June 1992. (mehr von N8072U)
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N8079U c/n 45947/341. This aircraft crashed shortly after take-off at Sacramento-McClellan 16.02.2000 while operating for Emery. The three crew were killed. (mehr von N8079U)
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ZP-CDO By the time this photo was takes the aircraft had already been wfu for 19 years. (mehr von ZP-CDO)
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ZP-CBZ Overview of the LAP maintenance area at ASU, taken from the departing B707-321B ZP-CCF: The airworthy L188 is ZP-CPZ which later crashed in Zaire as 9Q-CRR with 141 pax on board. To the right, L188s ZP-CBX / Y can be seen wfu, while B707-321B ZP-CCG can is parked partly inside the hangar. In the background L-049 N86533 can be seen surrounded by trees. This aircraft was in very bad condition at the time this photo was taken, but has since found its way to the Brazilian Wings of a Dream Museum in San Carlos / Brazil where it is the star of the exhibition. (mehr von ZP-CBZ)
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N8072U Starting a link to BRU back in December 1983, it would last some 10 years when all services to Europe were suspended. (mehr von N8072U)
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