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D-ALET This beautiful 757 was built in 1999 for North American Airlines (N752NA). It also flew for Avianca under the primary registration, UTAir Aviation and Azur Air (both VP-BLT) before being converted to a freighter in 2016. Ex DHL Air G-DHKJ. (mehr von D-ALET)
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D-AEAI Built in 1992 for its first operator Japan Air Systems/Airlines JA8558. In service for European Air Transport/DHL since 2013. (mehr von D-AEAI)
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LZ-CGW A beautiful little freighter resting between cargo flights QY 5225/5201 Timisoara-Linz-Brussels. Originally built for Air Berlin in 1996 (D-ABAI) this Boeing 737 also flew for Malaysia Airlines (9M-MQP) and Enter Air (SP-ENK) before being registered to Cargoair/Bulgaria. (mehr von LZ-CGW)
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9A-CQE This 12-year-old Turboprop is named after the historical region of 'Hrvatsko Zagorje' north of Croatia's capital city Zagreb. Operating a charter flight from Pula/Istria and is now taxiing for departure back home to Zagreb-Pleso Intl. (flight OU 9203). (mehr von 9A-CQE)
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D-AZMK Recently equipped with a new special sticker. Operating the cargo schedule between Linz and Leipzig Intl. (mehr von D-AZMK)
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SP-ENV Resting on position 22 after arrival from Dubrovnik-Cilipi the day before (charter flight ENT 582). (mehr von SP-ENV)
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TC-JLZ Diverted from Salzburg due to foggy weather conditions (Istanbuld-schedule TK 6883/4). This Baby-Airbus is named after the district of Edirnekapi in the city of Istanbul. (mehr von TC-JLZ)
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OY-MIT Originally delivered to Lufthansa CityLine in 2006 (D-ACKC), this CRJ-900 has been in service for Global Reach Aviation since August 2021. Operating charter flight CAT 5556 Billund - Linz - Baku. (mehr von OY-MIT)
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ES-NSE Engine startup for a ferry flight to Oerebro/Sweden (OJ 943). (mehr von ES-NSE)


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Overview of the northern apron of Linz Airport that is mainly used by civil aviation. The picture shows the control tower, an Enter Air Boeing 737-800 (SP-ENP on a charter service to Yerevan) and an European Air Charter MD-82 (LZ-LDM) that is based here to operate several flights to common greek holiday destinations during the summer season.
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LZ-LDM Originally built in 1995 for Alitalia (I-DATK). Seen here on morning charter flight BUC 8740 to Heraklion-N. Kazantzakis Intl./Crete Island. (mehr von LZ-LDM)
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D-AGWF Engine startup for this 14-year-old A319 on schedule EW 9721 from LNZ to DUS. (mehr von D-AGWF)
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9H-CGA Flying greener with this A321-Freighter. Night schedule QY 4027 to Leipzig-Halle Intl. (mehr von 9H-CGA)
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OE-LNZ DHL saying SERVUS and HELLO to Austria with this new special sticker and the new registration OE-LNZ that is idem to our airport's IATA-code. Ex G-DHKP (DHL Air UK) and N178AA (American Airlines). Shot taken on cargo schedule Q7 4027 from Linz to Leipzig-Halle Intl. (mehr von OE-LNZ)
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SP-ENP 'November Papa' on the charter leg ENT 598 from Linz to Yerevan-Zvartnots Intl. Nice to have Enter Air back to Linz Airport! (mehr von SP-ENP)
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9H-LOJ Operating a few flights between Castellon, Linz and Cologne and seen here on its way to depart for Cologne-Adenauer Intl. Airport (MDO 2241). Ex Iberia/Air Nostrum EC-LOJ. (mehr von 9H-LOJ)
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TC-TJS Ex China Southern (B-5133) and DAE Capital (M-ABID) Boeing 737-800 on arrivial from Antalya Intl. as holiday flight XC 6207. (mehr von TC-TJS)
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G-DHKF Night freighter QY 4027 back home to Leipzig-Halle Intl. (mehr von G-DHKF)