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9H-AHS Diverted from Munich due to heavy storms. The original leg was KM 308 Malta - Munich Intl. (mehr von 9H-AHS)
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G-EZTH Diverted from Salzburg due to heavy storms. Original leg U2 8557 London LGW - Salzburg. (mehr von G-EZTH)
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D-AILC Being escorted by a few ravens on its arrival from Frankfurt/Main Intl. (LH1252). (mehr von D-AILC)
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D-AILD Fortunately some of the daily LH schedules are now operated by Airbus A320 aircraft. This A319 is named after the German town of Dinkelsbuehl between the cities of Nuremberg and Stuttgart. (mehr von D-AILD)
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I-ADJR Named 'Norma di Vincenzo Bellini'. (mehr von I-ADJR)
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D-ACKI Evening schedule LH 1254 to Frankfurt/Main Intl. (mehr von D-ACKI)
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OE-LGL Evening schedule OS 211 to Dusseldorf Intl. (mehr von OE-LGL)
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F-WXWB Full-power takeoff on a rainy day kicking up a lot of spray on the runway. (mehr von F-WXWB)
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F-WXWB One of the greatest highlights to Linz Airport in the year 2014: A prototype Airbus A350 came to our airport to perfom wet-runway tests. This is the first visit of an A350 in Austria. (mehr von F-WXWB)
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OE-LKB Operating scheduled flights to Vienna on behalf of Austrian Airlines. [1920px] (mehr von OE-LKB)
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OE-LBP Back in times when this A320 wore this wonderful retro-colour-scheme that is taking you back to the 1950's. "Bravo Papa" is named after the "Neusiedlersee", next to Lake Constance the biggest lake in Austria, located a few kilometers south of Vienna. The "Retro-Jet" is operating flight AUA9069 to Chania/Crete Island. (mehr von OE-LBP)
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D-AEAC Face to face with a very beautiful and elegant long-haul Airbus. (mehr von D-AEAC)
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SU-TMM It was a very cold and foggy night when this beautiful 737 visited Linz in the new colours of FlyEgypt. Seasonal holiday flight FEG 3042 to Hurghada Intl. (mehr von SU-TMM)
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D-AEAL Another beautiful heavy cargo airliner visiting Linz Airport on the Leipzig schedule. (mehr von D-AEAL)
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I-ADJK Gliding down RWY 08 on arrival from Frankfurt/Main Intl. as schedule EN 8040. (mehr von I-ADJK)
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D-AIUF The afternoon light is bright and clear as this 2014-built A320 arrives Linz Airport from Frankfurt/Main Intl. as Lufthansa flight LH 1252. (mehr von D-AIUF)
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EC-FTR Bringing the last Christmas presents to Austria in an early and rainy morning. Merry Christmas to everyone! (mehr von EC-FTR)
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OE-LGA The first Dash 8-Q400 of fomer owner Tyrolean Airways resting on the apron to await the next flight to Dusseldorf Intl. Built in 1999 and named after the state of Kaernten (Carinthia). (mehr von OE-LGA)
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I-ADJV Touching down on RWY 08 to complete schedule EN 8040 from Frankfurt/Main Intl. (mehr von I-ADJV)