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EC-LGF CNF AT72 EC-LZR behind on its way to the holding-point RWY30 (mehr von EC-LGF)
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A6-EHJ Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - colours , first visit at DUS (mehr von A6-EHJ)
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OO-TCQ just two days later OO-TCQ was transferred to Brussels Airlines (to become OO-SNH) and replaced by OO-TCT (ex D-AICJ) (mehr von OO-TCQ)
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OH-LZI still with Santa Claus - decals on Feb.,28th............ (mehr von OH-LZI)
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EC-LZD slightly modified colours since begin of 2015: no more "OP!" in the tail-logo and on the engines. Now with large exclamation mark as tail-logo. (mehr von EC-LZD)