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OY-KBB 'Hjorulf Viking' on departure via RWY 26 starting its leg from Innsbruck to Copenhagen-Kastrup Intl. (SK 7590). (mehr von OY-KBB)
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LN-RRF 'Froydis Viking' rocketing out of Innsbruck on its way to Oslo-Gardermoen Intl. as charter flight SK 7480. (mehr von LN-RRF)
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G-UZHI Climbing out of Innsbruck bound for London-Gatwick Intl. as flight U2 8292. (mehr von G-UZHI)
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OE-LBP Operating the evening holiday flight AUA53WQ Innsbruck-Stockholm-Copenhagen-Innsbruck. (mehr von OE-LBP)
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OH-LXM Reaching the end of RWY 08 for a tournaround to an Eastern direction for departure. Holiday flight AY 1492 to Helsinki-Vantaa Intl. (mehr von OH-LXM)
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OE-LDF 'Sarajevo' (built in 2005) leaving Innsbruck for Oslo-Gardermoen Intl. as flight OS 9629. (mehr von OE-LDF)
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OE-LDC Winter charter flight OS 2589 departing INN bound for Bristol via RWY 26. (mehr von OE-LDC)
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The lovely spotting terrace in Innsbruck, very upclose and no windows at all
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SE-DSS Typical nose down attitude on approach (mehr von SE-DSS)