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HB-VCJ Parked at stand 313 after arrival from Hannover, Germany (mehr von HB-VCJ)
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N799RM Exceptional state at Augsburg airport. Sorry for the backlight but in this case the light works great. Because of the champions league final between FC Bayern MŘnchen and FC Chelsea the airport was overcrowded by the visitors for the game. They had to park the planes everywhere for ensuring them a place at the airport. There was much trouble with the situation but all managed it very well. On this day over 35 big aircrafts arrived into Augsburg, normally there are only 7 or 8. This picture was taken 45 minutes before the game was starting. The light situation was magic as the light was coming out in the right time with a powerful sunset and the dark background. A scene I will never forget in life. (mehr von N799RM)
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M-HAWK [Canon EOS 400D]. Caught in the early morning light. (mehr von M-HAWK)
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