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EW-40931 c/n 1G216-11. Built in 1985. One of the "newer" PZL AN-2. (mehr von EW-40931)
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EW-40931 Welcome to AN-2 country. Grodno is home of at least 8 AN-2 visible in the picture, being used for Agro and Utility flights. 4 of which with engines mounted and 4 with engines being removed for maintenance. Visible in the background are the abandoned / unfinished terminal building and to the left of it the airportadministration-building. The actual curiosity within this picture being the first AN-2 on right hand side of the same age as the Piper PA42-1000 in the backgound between the AN-2 lineup. (mehr von EW-40931)
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EW-07793 c/n 1G162-43. Built by PZL in 1975. It is now used in the Grodno region for Agroflying, Transport tasks and PJE. (mehr von EW-07793)
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EW-07793 Welcome to AN-2 country. Grodno/Belarus is home to a fleet of at least 8 AN-2 being mainly used for Agro flying. In the background the unfinished, abandoned terminal and the administration building of the aiport are visible. (mehr von EW-07793)