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G-BNLM Passing Greenland en route LHR- PHX (mehr von G-BNLM)
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G-BNLM approaching runway 27R as Speedbird 284 from San Fransisco [Canon EOS 500D - Canon EF 28-135mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS USM] (mehr von G-BNLM)


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G-BNLM The arrival of BA10 from BKK had been awaited by a dozen emergency vehicles. The aircraft stopped on the runway without any visible problems, but remained there for a while before it was towed away due to a problem with the nose gear steering; afterwards the runway had to be cleaned. The whole incident kept rwy 09L closed for about 20 minutes at 7am. (mehr von G-BNLM)
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G-BNLM A large cloud of smoke is generated from the tire rubber as this beast touches down on RWY26 (mehr von G-BNLM)
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G-BNLM Speedbird 289 moments from touchdown on RWY26 (mehr von G-BNLM)
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G-BNLM Speedbird pulling into the gate at YVR. (mehr von G-BNLM)