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Vietnam War Veterans Museum Kanchanburi
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54-0633 c/n 20112. Preserved in the way from Quepos town to Manuel Antonio National Park. This aircraft and another Provider were used by the CIA to supply the "Contras" of Nicaragua with weapons to fight the Sandinistas during the Reagan administration. It was abandonded in Northern Costa Rica when the "Irangate"or "Contragate" scandal broke. Actually it's a well known Bar-Pub and Restaurant. (mehr von 54-0633)
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N87DT c/n 54-581. Built in 1954. (mehr von N87DT)


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L4-6 Royal Thai Air Force Museum - the cockpit of the Fairchild C-123B Provider (mehr von L4-6)
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N3142D Pima Air & Space Museum [Nikon D200; Sigma 3.5-5.6/18-50] (mehr von N3142D)
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N4254H May be it will never fly again after owner died in a fatal crash with a sistershit at Denali Park (mehr von N4254H)
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55-4517 Viewed from Kolb Road. C-123K sitting in the desert since June 1981 (mehr von 55-4517)
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56-4375 AFRES. c/n 20259. Personal transport-AC for General Westmoreland in Vietnam. (mehr von 56-4375)