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B-16722 First passenger flight and first contact to Singapore by B-16722. She spent nearly a month in the hangar before this shot was taken, getting painted up in these vibrant looking colours. 'SANRIO CHARACTERS' logojet arriving as BR225 from TPE. This is also the 7th Jet in Eva Air fleet to receive special colours. A special thanks to Kevin for making this shot possible. (mehr von B-16722)
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B-16722 Presenting Eva Air's seventh Hello Kitty Jet, the Hello Kitty Shining Star Jet, on her first visit to Singapore, Eva's first destination in Southeast Asia to host one of her Hello Kitty Jets.This brand new 77W will operate a new permanent Hello Kitty flight schedule, BR215/216, between Singapore and Taiwan as well as be deployed to Houston from 21st June 2015. However she arrives here early today as BR225 for a media preview. (mehr von B-16722)
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