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XH131 Landing during the Intl. Spottersday (Canon 300D + Sigma 50-500mm) (mehr von XH131)
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XH131 This lowpass was one of today's absolute highlights ! This plane must be one of the last Canberra's still active with the RAF. (mehr von XH131)
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WJ880 Cockpit view of a Canberra nose section displayed at the Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum. (mehr von WJ880)


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00+02 This a/c was painted orange-red lateron and was operated by the MILGEO (Militr Geologisches Institut) for aerial photograpy. (mehr von 00+02)
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99+35 Operated by MILGEO (Militrgeologisches Institut) for aerial photography (mehr von 99+35)
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FAE-405 Some real relics! They look great in the entrance (Olympus C-750) (mehr von FAE-405)
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VX185 Britain's first jet bomber and remains the longest serving British military aircraft in history, VX185 flew the fastest return crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in 1952 taking ten hours between departure and arrival in Ireland. It was the only B.5 version that was built, the nose was removed to make way for the 'new' nose of the first of the B(I).8s, grafted onto VX185 (Nikon D70 SLR, Nikkor 28-80 lens) (mehr von VX185)