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VH-ZSQ Temora Aviation Museum's Canberra Bomber in formation with a RAAF F-111 over Temora (mehr von VH-ZSQ)
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WJ981 of 360 squadron, 9 Canberra's were deployed to Twenthe for exercise Priory (mehr von WJ981)
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WK102 AN ECM training Canberra T.17 of No.360 Sqd (homebase RAF Cottesmore) in final to RAF Guetersloh. First pic in all databases (mehr von WK102)
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G-BVWC Leads Hunter G-PSST and Sea Vixen G-CVIX for the finale at Lydd. I hope they do it next year! (mehr von G-BVWC)
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99+34 This usually coloured Canberra was flying until the early 90s. Its base was the A/5-159Avn. Schwaebisch Hall, home of the "Big Windys" (mehr von 99+34)
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WH904 originally built as a B2 in 1954, she was later modified to a T.11 with the Javelin radar mounted in the nose. Later modified to a T.19 she was retired in 1979 and passed to the museum in 1985. (mehr von WH904)
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WH725 1st pictures from inside the Airspace exhibition. Temporarily open for a few days before opening fully in 2007. (mehr von WH725)


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XH177 c/n SH1741 was written off in July 1967 and the nose was restored. Seen alongside the nose of WH863 (c/n SH1620) a T.17. Shows the amazing differences between the two marks of aircraft. (mehr von XH177)
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XH135 This was the last public appearance of any RAF Canberra aircraft (mehr von XH135)
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WH131 The old man of the air. What a great site. Coming past at full speed. (mehr von WH131)
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XH134 c/n SH.1724 with the aircraft still rolling the pilot is preparing himself to leave the aircraft (mehr von XH134)
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XH134 [Canon EOS300D]. At the Royal International Air Tattoo. With the Patrulla Aguila above (mehr von XH134)