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AEE-465 Landing after a maintenance flight with some touch & go approaches at La Balbina. Without a doubt a great and beautiful helicopter, and the only one that keeps flying with the lizard camouflage. (mehr von AEE-465)
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AEE-373 The last Gazelle still flying in Ecuador, we used to have 2 active but on March 12, 2022 the AEE-374 crashed on Portoviejo. Who would say that years ago the Ecuadorian Army aviation had almost 40 of these aircraft, of which a large part of them were damaged by an explosion at La Balbina in 1997. Waiting at the Mariscal Sucre Air Force Base ready for departure back to La Balbina after participating on the air parade due to the Independence Day of Ecuador. (mehr von AEE-373)
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AEE-319 Eagle view from the ATC tower of this Lama SA315 that arrives at "La Balbina" after participating in the rehearsal of the commemorative air parade of the Independence of Ecuador. (mehr von AEE-319)
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AEE-502 Lifting off rwy 02 at Ibarra Atahualpa airport with the Minister of Defense on board, enroute to Tulcan. (mehr von AEE-502)
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AEE-101 c/n BB-811. Last shot of this Super King Air. Crashed in Quito on March 19, 2009. (mehr von AEE-101)
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AEE-503 One nice piece of equipment [EOS 350D] (mehr von AEE-503)
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AEE-503 It is very bizarre to see a military aircraft without camouflage. Here is a good example. The medium size transport ship for the Ejercito. (mehr von AEE-503)
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AEE-302 First pic. A year since i last say this buggy (mehr von AEE-302)
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The big puma. The equadorian air force also has the super puma.
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IFSP-007 Taxing out for take of on delivery to Ecuadorian Army (mehr von IFSP-007)
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AEE-351 Interesting helicopter comign in (Canon EOS350D+Sigam 28-300) (mehr von AEE-351)
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AEE-315 No disign on this one... Ugly, but Still nice (mehr von AEE-315)
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This one is the PUMA, all though we have SUPER PUMAS also. Cam also froma near by airport only for miltary planes. (Canon EOS350D+Sigma28-300)
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AEE-204 Dont know much of these, they dont fly in UIO, but they are very strange. New colors. Not a common aircraft. Also, this one had an emergency the day before. (Olympus C-770) (mehr von AEE-204)