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FAE452 Arriving with some extra altitude and transporting some FAE officials and members of the Government a little before the rain that was coming on the airport. (mehr von FAE452)
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FAE-1256 This beautiful H145, waiting for some hours under the Sun before taking off from the Mariscal Sucre Air Force Base and after helping quite a lot, alongside with other helicopters during the violent indigenous riots all around the country that ended the day before this picture. Thanks a lot to Antonio Espinel and the friends of the FAE for this opportunity, you know who you are!! (mehr von FAE-1256)
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FAE-052 President Guillermo Lasso arriving for the 9th Summit of the Americas (mehr von FAE-052)
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FAE893 The last Hercules in Ecuador departing from Quito to an unknown destination during the Spotter Day UIO 2019 organized by Ecuador Aviation Photography. (mehr von FAE893)
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FAE-052 Rolling down to runway 36 for takeoff to Guayaquil as "Ecuadorian Air Force 001" with ecuadorian president Guillermo Lasso onboard. This is currently the only presidential aircraft of Ecuador because the Embraer Legacy FAE-051 is up for sale and only make smal training flights until there's an offer for it. (mehr von FAE-052)
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FAE807 On February 10, 1997 at 13:05 LT, this Mirage F1JA was commanded by Major Raul Banderas "Conejo" when together with the FAE-806 (also preserved in this museum) piloted by Capt. Carlos Uscategui "Flash" shot down two Sukhoi SU 22s of the Peruvian Air Force during the Cenepa conflict. Undoubtedly a historical piece of great patriotic importance for Ecuador. You can see that above the letters "Mirage F1JA" is the demolition badge with the name of Major Raul Banderas. "4 seconds of honor... an eternity of glory." (mehr von FAE807)
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FAE633 Preserved as a "gate guard" of the Mariscal Sucre Air Force Base at the old airport. Seen with a face mask on its nose to raise awareness of the covid-19 pandemic. (mehr von FAE633)
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FAE1255 Departing during a beautiful sunset from the Simon Bolivar Air Force Base to check a radar with Geovanny Espinel Puga, the General Commander of the Ecuadorian Air Force and the Vice President of Ecuador, on board. Thanks to Eric Graf and the ACE for the help!! (mehr von FAE1255)
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HC-AVI One of two remaining DC-6s in Ecuador. This beautiful 1956 airframe is preserved inside of La Carolina Park in the north of Quito. This DC-6 was first operated by Western Airlines and Braniff International as N91311, then it was registered as CC-CCG with LAN Chile before belonging to the Ecuadorian Air Force as FAE-45063 / HC-AVI. It was withdrawn from use in 1978. This plane has been painted with approximately 3 schemes during the years, that were made by street artists. (mehr von HC-AVI)
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FAE1100 Getting ready for a flight alongside other air force planes over Quito during the rehearsal of the air parade due to the 100 year anniversary of the ecuadorian air force. Special thanks to Antonio Espinel and the people of the FAE for this opportunity. (mehr von FAE1100)


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FAE630 Who asked for a classic. Still operating! (mehr von FAE630)
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EC-005 c/n S-117 Landing in Gran Canaria on delivery flight the first C-295 for the Ecuador Air Force. (mehr von EC-005)