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Aerial view of the former RAF Little Rissington. Now home to Devonair and other GA activity.
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G-NACA This is the one complete aircraft built along with the four unbuilt airframes in primer. (mehr von G-NACA)
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Originally designed and built by Desmond Norman as the Norman Aircraft Corp. There is one complete aircraft here and four unassembled airframes in primer. They were previously stored at Coventry in the late nineties.
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G-ARJB Seen here at the recently reopened airfield to GA. There are 6 DH Dove/Devon aircraft here under the care of Devonair who moved here from Kemble. Seen in the corporate colours of JCB who operated this as a company transport. Last flown in 1974. (mehr von G-ARJB)
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XA880 Allocated regn. G-BVXR Dismantled and moved here by road from Kemble. (mehr von XA880)
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G-APSO Stripped to bare metal and just the front fuselage section remains on it's undercarriage and is used as an engine test bed (mehr von G-APSO)
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Aerial view of Little Rissington recently reopened to GA traffic. It closed as an operational RAF station in 1976 and was once home to the Central Flying School and the base of the Red Arrows display team