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JA8019 Aircraft of Emperor Hirohito of Japan during his state visit in Germany (mehr von JA8019)
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9G-AXE special cargo-charter as a delayed Christmas-Present :-) (mehr von 9G-AXE)
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N840UP HOW LOW CAN YOU GO??? My goodness, I was having a look through my old slides, came across this crazy low landing at Kai Tak and thought, this one has to be uploaded! Good thing it's a cargo plane, and not full of pax! (mehr von N840UP)
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N873SJ The contract with DHL/Post is cancled and now the complete DC8 fleet is stored in Kingman. (mehr von N873SJ)
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N721CX This plane was previously with Finnair and French Air Force, and now owned by ATI. Delivered to ATI in 27/06/2005. Nice to still see this 43 year old classic DC-8 flying around and in good conditions! On final approach to runway 20, in good light! (mehr von N721CX)
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