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C-FCWW As an Iberia Cargo flight diverted into Lohausen due to bad wheather conditions at Frankfurt, former PH-DCW of KLM leaves her parking position on the main apron. (mehr von C-FCWW)
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N801DH Aerial overview of part of the aircraft waiting for disposal including two DHL DC8s, 3 Airbus A300s and a large number of Embraer 145 and Canadair CRJs stored (mehr von N801DH)
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OB-1244 Together with sistership OB-1300, Aeronaves operated cargo flights for Iberia-Cargo in 1989 and 1990. OB-1244 was a converted pax DC-8-55, formerly operated by Japan AL and after conversion in 1977 by JAL-Cargo. The engines were modified by Quiet Nacelles Corporation` early 89. Aircraft was withdrawn from use in 1992 and scrapped several years later at Opa Locka, Florida. (mehr von OB-1244)
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OB-1300 "Santa Elena" on one of the regular Iberia-Cargo flights at Lohausen. By this time the four Patt & Whitney JT3D-engines had been modified by the Quiet Nacelle Corporation of Miami`, recognizably in the golden engine nacelles, which throttled the volumne. (mehr von OB-1300)
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CF-TJS Six of this freighters were operated by Air Canada Cargo for about twenty years. CF-TJS visited Lohausen again in 1989, registered as OB-1300 to Aeronaves del Peru. (mehr von CF-TJS)
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I-DIWM "Ugolino Vivaldi" aproaches parking position B54 at Lohausen on a wet summerday. This Rolls Royce Conway powered DC-8-43, one of only 27 series -43 buildt for Alitalia, Trans Canada and Canadian Pacific, spent the final part of her lifetime in the Far East with Sterling Philippines, named the "The Sheik" and registered as RP-C348. (mehr von I-DIWM)
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CF-CPT "Empress of Santiago" aproaching parking position 22, where today Terminal C is located, on a warm summer evening some 40 years ago. CF-CPT was the one and only Jet Trader in CP Airs fleet, a convertible DC-8 for passengers sitting in the rear fuselage and for cargo palettes in the front section. Up to the mid 70s also KLM operated a once weekly service with DC-8-55CF Jet Traders on Tuesdays from Hong Kong into Dsseldorf. (mehr von CF-CPT)
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N603AL delivered in 1968 to Flying Tiger Line, then with Air India, German Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo, since 2002 with ATI, stored 2012, seen here together with an untiteld 727 (mehr von N603AL)
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HS-TGX "Srisuriyothai" is taxying at Don Muang with an interesting scenery of DC-3s, DC-6, DC-7, Convair, Carvair and Caravelle in the background. Other operators of this Super Sixty were Sterling AW and Scanair as OY-SBK, Trans Ocean AW and Burlington Air Express as N794AL. Sadly, she crashed 15th February 1992 at Swanton Ohio. (mehr von HS-TGX)
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HB-IDS "Ville de Lausanne" is leaving Lohausen after a nightstop on one of the several Air India Cargo flights operated by chartered airliners into DUS from 1976 onwards.. HB-IDS spent most of her life operating cargo flights, also for Trans International and Transamerica AL, Flying Tigers and after conversion to DC-8-73CF standard for UPS. (mehr von HB-IDS)
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HB-IDI "Solothurn" on her way back to Zurich. In the 70s and early 80s the DC-8-62s of Swissair were a frequent upgrade to the regular DC-9-32s, which usualy operated the services from Dsseldorf to Zurich and Geneva. (mehr von HB-IDI)
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HB-IDL "Aargau" taxies to her gate position with a B.727-100 of Hapag Lloyd in the background. n 1984 HB-IDL was sold to Capitol as N924CL and from 1986 she was operated by Airborne as parcel-express` N802AX. (mehr von HB-IDL)
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HB-IDF "Schwyz" is seen here after a late evening arrival before a scheduled nightstop at Rhein-Main. Other operators were Nationair of Canada and after conversion to DC-8-62F standard Buffalo Air Cargo, Cargo Lion and Silkway. (mehr von HB-IDF)