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N380RM heading out for departure in the companies retro colour sceme. (mehr von N380RM)
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C-CQHB One of Montreal's last Convair operators (along with Hydro Quebec) heads out for departure. (mehr von C-CQHB)
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VP-BNY heading out for departure on a busy weekend at Dorval Airport for BizJets. (mehr von VP-BNY)
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N674UW parked at PHL's International Terminal after arriving from Europe. (mehr von N674UW)
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C-GHKW turning onto runway 24L for a departure to Toronto. (mehr von C-GHKW)
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N465TA operating for Cubana on the Havana-Montreal route. (mehr von N465TA)
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N922H arriving on runway 24L on a busy weekend for BizJets at Montreal Dorval. (mehr von N922H)


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C-GHCV arriving on runway 24L after another pre-delivery test flight. (mehr von C-GHCV)
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C-FTMC along with an AC A320 at the old CDN domestic gates.. Runway 24L/06R and the general aviation area can be seen in the background. (mehr von C-FTMC)
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C-GHUT almost a Dorval resident, parked outside the Bombardier finishing facility. The aircraft has been parked at Montreal-Dorval for several months. (mehr von C-GHUT)
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C5-FBS parked at the plattsburgh Trade park. The aircraft was brought in several years ago for maintenance. The company seized the aircraft and then went out of business. The aircraft has been parked there ever since. (mehr von C5-FBS)
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C-GISW waiting for delivery at the Dorval Finishing Center, will become D-ACPC. Wheels are covered in plastic for protection. (mehr von C-GISW)