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PH-XRA finaly after waiting the whole winter for it i catched this special volleyball scheme - it was worth to wait so long as I captured it in beautiful light in the last sunrays of the day (mehr von PH-XRA)
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OE-XED Picking up an injured person in the skiing resort Stubaier Gletscher, about 3000m above sea level, in service for HAT( Heli Ambulance Team) (mehr von OE-XED)
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D-BEKY landing in Innsbruck after sunset, leaving due to long exposure a trail down to the runway (mehr von D-BEKY)
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D-AHXB This Air Berlin Boeing is seen on finals for runway 08 on a freezing cold winter sunset with -15įC (mehr von D-AHXB)
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G-EZIN incoming and outgoing traffic - the incoming is a BA 734 (mehr von G-EZIN)
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A7-AAG the next highlight arriving for the Youth Olympic Games 2012 in Innsbruck in front of breathtaking scenery - Qatar directly from Doha (mehr von A7-AAG)
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9K-AKD Special visitor for the Youth Olympic Games 2012 in Innsbruck - arriving in the last sunrays of a great winterday (mehr von 9K-AKD)
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3085 Bringing athlets to YOG 2012 - Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck (mehr von 3085)
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