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HB-XWG c/n 10007. Built in 1993. Bad weather, like this day, means a lot of work for the Swiss Air Ambulance - this Agusta flying the whole day bringing injured skiers from the mountains to the hospital (mehr von HB-XWG)
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HB-ZBZ c/n 49057. Built in 1999. I was not the only one taking pictures :) (mehr von HB-ZBZ)
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TC-DGN c/n 104. ex F-WWGE. Reflecting the surrounding alpine landscape on the fuselage. (mehr von TC-DGN)
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OE-LTP Typical FŲhn departure from Innsbruck. Due to strong southern winds the planes have to make a left turn just after departure and climb out near the mountains on the north side of the valley (mehr von OE-LTP)
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This B757 made a very hard turn in the valley and just seconds before touchdown the landing lights were turned on - beautiful scenery shining bright in the full moon light
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OE-LEO Last corrections due to heavy cross winds (mehr von OE-LEO)
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OE-LGD Golden Dash arriving in golden sunset sunlight this evening, just awesome! (mehr von OE-LGD)
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View to the airport at night. You can see a Tyrolean Airways Fokker 100, two Thomsonfly B757, two Dornier 328 (Air Alps) and a GLEX (Tyrolean Jet Services)
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OE-LVM Cabin Crew, ready for departure! With surrounding landscape and the famous mountain "Patscherkofel" - Zoomed out a little bit to show you the beautiful mountains and surrounding landscape shining bright in the full moon light (mehr von OE-LVM)
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RA-42387 Amazing to see this beauty just in front of me! Dreamliner colours! (mehr von RA-42387)
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OY-JRY Ambulance flight from Grenoble via Innsbruck to Billund (mehr von OY-JRY)