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D-AVIB c/n 14501109. This gorgeous Legacy catching the last light on this perfect day - really cold but well worth everything - can light be any better? (mehr von D-AVIB)
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VP-CKH Today the first Airbus ever landed on the highest European airport at Sankt Moritz, Switzerland. VP-CKH, an Airbus 318 CJ, private owned, inbound from Basel, arrived around 14:00 local time and was a really amazing and impressive sight on this small airport (mehr von VP-CKH)
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Transavia B737 departing to Rotterdam on runway 26 - our nice airport seen here from the West
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OY-KBR This SAS banking towards the rocks in the last sunlight illuminating everything like it should be (mehr von OY-KBR)
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OE-LNS First Austrian B737-800 - Austrian Airlines repainted a former Lauda Air Boeing 737-800 in full Austrian Airlines colors. OE-LNS was seen today departing out of Innsbruck in nice late winter sunlight to Copenhagen (mehr von OE-LNS)
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LN-ROT This is power!! Awesome climbing ability shown by this SAS MD-82! (mehr von LN-ROT)
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OE-LVJ The early bird catches the worm - Austrian Fokker with Kronen Zeitung sticker (a newspaper) in the first sunrays with snow covered mountains (NordPark ski center) and a deep blue sky (mehr von OE-LVJ)
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OE-LNJ Banking right, just in front the rocks in the last winter sun, amazing! (mehr von OE-LNJ)
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OY-SGC c/n 9343. First in database! Finally we have now 4 "Dreamliner" liveries, the Boeing 787, the Yak42, a Ryan B737 and now this GLEX - Merry Christmas to all my orthodox friends as this shot was taken on Christmas eve. (mehr von OY-SGC)