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D-ALET This beautiful 757 was built in 1999 for North American Airlines (N752NA). It also flew for Avianca under the primary registration, UTAir Aviation and Azur Air (both VP-BLT) before being converted to a freighter in 2016. Ex DHL Air G-DHKJ. (mehr von D-ALET)
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D-AEAI Built in 1992 for its first operator Japan Air Systems/Airlines JA8558. In service for European Air Transport/DHL since 2013. (mehr von D-AEAI)
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D-AZMK Recently equipped with a new special sticker. Operating the cargo schedule between Linz and Leipzig Intl. (mehr von D-AZMK)


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M-SKAL Arrival after test flight, next reg D-AJFK, go to EAT Leipzig (mehr von M-SKAL)