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G-BIKU A partial overview of the AirBerlin Hub with D-ABDA on taxiway "November 1" and the "Volkswagen Air Service" A319 ( VP-CVX ) as special guest today! (mehr von G-BIKU)
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G-BIKP It is not usual that the DHL freighter leaves at daytime. (mehr von G-BIKP)
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G-BMRA Overview of the cargo-apron in the evening after a heavy snowshower. Another aircraft approaches Runway 32R. (mehr von G-BMRA)
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overview of a part of Lissabon airport, the Cargo apron as well as the GA-apron can be seen - some nice planes are standing there. Also note the stored Boeing 707 in "Republic of Zaire" c/s which is at Lissabon for many years now
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G-BIKS [Canon 350D] The closing of the airport last night because of heavy snowfall, has forced this cargo aircraft to leaving at the end of the afternoon. (mehr von G-BIKS)
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G-BMRD [Canon EOS300D]. At the Royal International Air Tattoo. (mehr von G-BMRD)
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