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D-AERN The only Tristar -200 in the LTU fleet, converted from the -1 series in April 1986 with the more powerful Rolls Royce RB211-524B4 engines, which also powered the Tristar 500. After fifteen operational years for LTU, D-AERN was sold to Millon Air in July 1996, converted to a freighter and registered as N851MA. (mehr von D-AERN)
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D-AERN This Photo originated during my flight LT1532 from DUS to JFK when over the North Sea because of technical problems the fuel had to be dump and we must return back to DUS! (mehr von D-AERN)
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D-AERN Congratulations to LTU, celebrating their 50th anniversary these days. (mehr von D-AERN)
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D-AERN later converted into a freighter for Millon Air. Now stored in Rossville since 2002 without engines (mehr von D-AERN)