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426-450 / 1957
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RA-64057 Arriving approx. two hours prior to the arrival of president Putin (mehr von RA-64057)
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RA-76719 Brought in Putin's limousine for his visit to Vienna on tuesday. (mehr von RA-76719)
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RA-89007 First time for me seeing the SSJ100 in person - I must admit - I like it - especially in this great livery. Second visit of this SSJ to Vienna - both being just within a few days of eachother (mehr von RA-89007)
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OE-LPE "Blue Danube" now proudly wearing her fresh and shiny Austrian livery - still funny to think of how she looked prior to painting into Austrian cs (mehr von OE-LPE)
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EP-MMX flying the Iranian delegation in for the EU-3+3 talks with Iran (mehr von EP-MMX)
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SX-ATF the Rolling Stones arriving from Paris for their concert (mehr von SX-ATF)
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N308UP now with winglets and in desperate need of a new paintjob (mehr von N308UP)
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ET-ALC taxiing to the gate - with the left hand reverser and the spoilers deployed. Never seen this kind of reverser usage on a 767 before ;-) (mehr von ET-ALC)
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EK-RA01 Serzh A. Sargsyan - President of Armenia arriving (mehr von EK-RA01)