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C-FOCA Canadian Proud Goose 763 used to be a common sight in SYD. (mehr von C-FOCA)
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C-FOCA - Lining Up runway 16R. Canadian now operate a A340 into Sydney. We miss the Goose! (mehr von C-FOCA)
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C-GMWW - this is what a $900,000+ boo-boo looks like! The winglet of C-GMWW scraped against the winglet of another company 744 in late 2001. This is the reason C-GMWW was seen outside of YVR's CP hangar without winglets during its temporary storage. (mehr von C-GMWW)
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C-GKPW The RAREST 737 you will ever see in Canada. Its the only one still in Cdn colors.. It is owned by Cdn North but the titles state CDN. (mehr von C-GKPW)