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When the fire brigade wakes you up in the morning with their daily routine and you look outside your tent.
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Corvo airport was built on the only flat part of the island splitting Vila do Corvo into two parts. In the backdrop, you can see Flores.
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CS-TRB is lining up the runway before spooling up the engines for a couple of seconds to maximize the thrust for departure from this short runway. SATA basically only needs their Q200 for its operation at this small airport. (mehr von CS-TRB)
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CS-TRC Note the condensation on the propeller tips. (mehr von CS-TRC)
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Apron only fitting one aircraft, terminal and fire station. No refueling is available at CVU.
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CS-TRC In the background, you can see the Corvo town, the only settlement on the island, which the airport is serving exclusively. (mehr von CS-TRC)
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Corvo airport is serving the smallest and remotest community of Portugal.
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CS-TRB Arrived during a rain shower from the neighbouring island of Flores / Azores (mehr von CS-TRB)


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Overview of the tiny airport on the island of Corvo (430 inhabitants) on the edge of Europe. Threshold RWY 29, the apron, the small terminal, the tower and a fire truck are visible.
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CS-TRB Preparing for takeoff run on the small island of Corvo / Azores (mehr von CS-TRB)
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CS-TRB Overview Corvo airport with the small terminal and tower visible. On the apron a SATA Air Acores Dash8 Q200 awaiting the passengers for the flight to Terceira island. (mehr von CS-TRB)
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CS-TRB SATA is the only airline serving the small island of Corvo, Azores. There are up to two daily flights Monday to Friday to the neighboring islands of Flores (FLW), Faial (HOR) and Terceira (TER). (mehr von CS-TRB)
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Dusk view of Corvo island in the archipelago of the Azores. One can see the small airport situated on the island's only flat region. The runway extends 800 m. The airport is served and managed by SATA Air Azores.