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CU-T1294 This airplane was hijacked year ago and taken to Key West. Unfortunately today it sits forgotten on a remote site. (mehr von CU-T1294)
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CU-T1294 this aircraft was hijacked in 2003 and now its still present at Key West Intl. (mehr von CU-T1294)
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CU-T1294 This aircraft has stood at key west since being Hijacked in 2003 we hoped it would still be there and sure enough it was and also in a very good position to be photographed (mehr von CU-T1294)
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CU-T1294 I did everything possible do get a shot of this Cubana but that was the really best I could get. The An-24 was hijacked in 2003 from Cuba and is stored since then in Key West together with the Cuban DC-3 is the background which was also hijacked, first pic in the database. (mehr von CU-T1294)