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C-GMWW - so nice to nail Maxwell Ward one last time, albeit with a JAL nosecone. Looks funny. At the time of this writing, on Oct31st-2003, she's having titles removed. The legacy of the 747 in Canada is quickly coming to a close, much to my dismay. [Nikon F90x / 35-70F3.3 + KR25] (mehr von C-GMWW)
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C-GMWW - I don't think Maxwell Ward ever imagined he'd have his name pinned on an Air Canada aircraft. Shows how volatile this industry really is. [Nikon F90x / 80-200F2.8 + KR64] (mehr von C-GMWW)
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C-GMWW - this is what a $900,000+ boo-boo looks like! The winglet of C-GMWW scraped against the winglet of another company 744 in late 2001. This is the reason C-GMWW was seen outside of YVR's CP hangar without winglets during its temporary storage. (mehr von C-GMWW)