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N330AU A 43-year old classic flying machine and still going strong. The new colours for Orbis! (mehr von N330AU)
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9M-AHG CellMaxx - New Wellness Revolution. Air Asia 712 bound for KUL! (mehr von 9M-AHG)
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VT-KFG A blast from the past! When Kingfisher Airlines was still in service. As of now, the airline has since hit bankruptcy! (mehr von VT-KFG)
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VN-A864 Vietnam 661 inbound from HAN. The scheme fits well on the Dreamliners. (mehr von VN-A864)
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UR-82060 The world's largest plane, Antonov An-225 Mriya. Making a one-off appearence into KUL before heading to it's final destination, Perth! It is transporting a huge generator from Kiev to Perth. ADB3610 inbound from HYD! (mehr von UR-82060)
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V8-RBR Royal Brunei 422 off to BWN. Miss the old colours! (mehr von V8-RBR)
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PK-GIF The B77Ws in the fleet are replacing the older workhorses in the fleet such as the B747 & DC10. GA86 arriving from CGK. 90mins later, she will depart to LHR. (mehr von PK-GIF)
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B-2820 Yet another B757F for SF Airlines. This frame flew with Air China previously before SF Airlines bought over. (mehr von B-2820)
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A6-EOA "Real Madrid" logojet inbound as Emirates 354 from DXB. (mehr von A6-EOA)
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VH-XZP Zulu Papa Aka 'James Strong' made a rare appearance to town! It's good to see the livery applied ages ago on the current jets. (mehr von VH-XZP)
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UR-82072 One of the many 'ADB AN124' paid us a visit today. (mehr von UR-82072)
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HS-TGW TG's Star Alliance liveried B744 pulling into Gate C15 on a cloudy morning. Not everyday one get's to see a Star Alliance Jumbo parked in the centre apron and this was definitely worth heading down for. (mehr von HS-TGW)
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VQ-BQB Aeroflot B77W slowing down on rwy 34, after a long flight from Russia. (mehr von VQ-BQB)
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A6-EDG Yet another EK A380 to be spotted in another version of the *United For Wildlife* livery. Emirates 354 from DXB cleared to land! First contact by A6-EDG in this special colours to WSSS. (mehr von A6-EDG)
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HZ-AK28 Saudi Arabia's famous landmark livery logojet arrives from JED via RUH as SV836! Also First Saudi's B773ER to receive special colours. (mehr von HZ-AK28)
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XY-ALB First B738 for Myanmar National Airlines. Inaugural flight to Singapore by Myanmar National Airlines. Lima Bravo on finals for RWY 20R as UB001 from RGN. Pretty scheme! (mehr von XY-ALB)
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9V-OFA First B787-8 Dreamliner for Scoot! 9V-OFA aka 'Ē™ēů' (Ba Bao) which in Chinese stands for 'Eight Treasures'. 9V-OFA arriving as TZ787 from Seattle BFI. Can u spot the second aircraft in this frame? (mehr von 9V-OFA)
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A6-EWJ Emirates, the official main sponsor for Arsenal Football Club. They are here for a pre-season tour competing in the annual Barclays Asia Trophy competition held in Singapore this year. (mehr von A6-EWJ)
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9V-OJE Outstanding decal artwork that deviates away from the ordinary, in tune with SG50 theme. Seen here on tow to Gate E26, as to prepare for her first ever passenger commercial flight to DMK as TZ302 that afternoon. Delivered to Scoot on 28 June 2015. (mehr von 9V-OJE)
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Z-GAA Previously, this frame flew for Avient Cargo bearing a different registration, Z-BVT. As of now, pictured, this aircraft has been bought over by another operator, Global Africa Cargo and has been now re-registered as Z-GAA. The First MD-11F in GAA fleet to receive the Airline colours. GAA9876 inbound from CGK is seen here on finals for RWY 20R. (mehr von Z-GAA)