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N311AG entering the parking position with the last light. built 1971 (mehr von N311AG)
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N311AG c/n 20512 l/n 858. Built in 1971. Owner Gordon P. Getty (mehr von N311AG)
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N311AG Probably ONE of my all time highlights over the years.. A boeing 727-017 seen in 2019!! This 48 years old beauty is arriving at stand S21 after arrival from Newark in the early morning. Many thanks to all the people involved for helping me to catch this aircraft.. (mehr von N311AG)
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VP-BPZ If accepted, my 4.500th pic on pp.net. I looked for a worthy pic. Many thanks to the screeners for all the work through the years and their help. I hope this site will last a long time in the web. (mehr von VP-BPZ)
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VP-BPZ What a beauty! Looking absolutly fantastic in this great morninglight! (mehr von VP-BPZ)