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A6-EMI Approaching Rwy 25L, arriving from Dubai with a sticker on the rear fuselage, promoting the then-upcoming Football World Cup in Germany. Withdrawn from the Emirates fleet in 2016 and then joined VIM Airlines and later IrAero in Russia as VP-BLI. Stored in Teruel in January 2020, before COVID-19 really struck. (mehr von A6-EMI)
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A6-EMJ c/n 27253 l/n 91. Built in 1997. Picture taken on my flight EK 842 from Doha to Dubai (mehr von A6-EMJ)
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A6-EMG with "Fifa Worldcup Germany 2006 sticker. (mehr von A6-EMG)
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5N-BVE A first 777 for Nigerian carrier Air Peace has been painted at Dublin by IAC. The aircraft was former Emirates aircraft. (mehr von 5N-BVE)
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A6-EMK in preparation for sale/storage/scrap, last commercial flight was in November 2016, seen here on a test flight. (mehr von A6-EMK)
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A6-EMK About to push back for DXB. (mehr von A6-EMK)
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A6-EMH c/n 27251 l/n 54. Built in 1997. Picture taken on my flight EK 841 from Dubai to Doha (mehr von A6-EMH)