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9V-SQJ It looks like by the end of the day 9V-SQJ will be gone, the final attack from the equipment is on the way (mehr von 9V-SQJ)
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9V-SQJ It's the end of the road for 9V-SQJ......thank you for your service! (mehr von 9V-SQJ)
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CS-TFM - Just after pushback for another cargo-flight to India with the other special visitor of the week in the background (mehr von CS-TFM)


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CS-TFM Taxiing to stand after landing rwy 05R inbound from DEL (mehr von CS-TFM)
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9V-SQA This was Singapore Airlines' first B777-200/ER, all named Jubilee, and now they have all been retired from service.This frame carried the airline's 50th anniversary paint scheme along with 9V-SMZ and 9V-SJE. It was a great scheme (mehr von 9V-SQA)